Plein' Air Painting Life

Heading outdoors for a bit of adventure and escape provides exercise for my body and soul.

I am an artist from Philadelphia, PA and draw my inspiration from city life and the local landscapes that I have connected to.

Making  little canvas and paper Plein Air landscapes is my absolute favorite thing to do these days;  where ever I find myself.

I am inspired by the unexpected and will look for creative ways to work around any obstacle I face; painting the scenery along the way.

The light and tempurature make an impression and help communicate a mood.  Sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate. I like to remeber the sun is still shining above the clouds and there is beauty in every moment.

I am embracing the GOOD things in life. Spending time out in nature in the free and open air is something I learned from my Nordic roots and it fits perfectly with this kind of painting. In a way, this  landscape lifestyle has brought me home too.


"Grey Sky in LBI" 4 x 4 (2019)

What People Say

Megan in Philadelphia, PA 

I was blessed to receive a painting from the very talented Lisa as a gift. From the moment I saw the painting, I knew EXACTLY where the idea was captured.

This beautiful painting was from a photo on my honeymoon of Divi Divi Trees on Baby Beach in Aruba. My "Aruba" painting is saturated with vibrant colors.

Every detail from the ocean, trees, sand, rocks, and skies is a forever connection and memory.  I often find it difficult to stop looking at the painting.

Lisa is a gifted visionary. She is the definition of creativity. Lisa has the ability to perceive the world in different ways, countless ideas that are sorted into separate categories. I am blessed to have such a special painting.

Art Can Bring You Home

There is nothing better than creating something personal. 

When I set out to make a painting. I want it to take you to a place, a time, a moment that tells a story that you feel is uniquely your own  and yet speaks to every heart in the room. A signature art piece that  brings all the feeling and comforts of home to whatever space you find yourself in.

What's your favorite view?

Is it walking up to the front door, gazing out a kitchen window to your garden, standing on a rooftop deck taking in a cityscape or ocean view? 

Maybe it isn't the scenery, it could be a person, a pet or anything you choose!

Thought and care is used  combined with lively energetic brush work  and filled with bold, bright and happy  colors to create a one of a kind gift for you to keep or share.

My hope is my art will remind you of something GOOD!

Art is GOOD Medicine

Helping others comes natural to me.

I worked as an emergency room nurse for years.

When I needed healing. I knew helping others was the best cure. 


Exploring my creativity was the prescription I used  to became a painter.



I know that is why I love what I do!

Mindy and Joe.JPG

Artist and the Marynowitz Family (2017)